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A Sample of our Websites

  • Paringa Estate Vineyard & Restaurant

    Paringa Estate Vineyard & Restaurant

    Designed by: Exclusive Web Services
    Developed by: Exclusive Web Services

    What we did:

    Designed and Developed a web site with a CMS and Online Wine Catalog and Shopping Cart, with a simple online ordering system that submits orders to the client via email. The website is responsive so it also functions effectively on phones and tablets.


  • Alegria Townhouse

    Alegria Townhouse

    Designed by: Exclusive Web Services
    Developed by: Exclusive Web Services

    What we did:

    Designed and Developed a property showcase focusing purely on the beautiful imagey of the Alegria Townhouse


  • Barefoot Gypsy

    Barefoot Gypsy

    Designed by: Ivory Design
    Developed by: Exclusive Web Services

    What we did:

    Develop an Online Store for Barefoot Gypsy with NAB Transact Payment Gateway Integration. This project was designed and managed by our very close friends at Ivory Design. Please visit their website to view their fabulous folio.


  • Cellar Creations

    Cellar Creations

    Designed by: Exclusive Web Services
    Developed by: Exclusive Web Services

    What we did:

    Designed and Developed a product catalog allowing users to enquire quickly and easily


  • Pallet Control

    Pallet Control

    Designed by: Exclusive Web Services
    Developed by: Exclusive Web Services

    What we did:

    Designed and Developed a custom CMS showcasing all Pallet Control's various services


  • Point Leo Road Vineyard

    Point Leo Road Vineyard

    Designed by: Exclusive Web Services
    Developed by: Exclusive Web Services

    What we did:

    Designed and Developed a web site with a CMS and Online Wine Catalog and Shopping Cart, with a simple online ordering system that submits orders to the client via email. We also provided photographic services for the bottle photos.


Content Management (CMS)

Manage your website with our easy to use Content Management System. We can build and rapidly deploy any type of management Module or Component that you require, and best of all; it won't cost you a small fortune. Whether it be a blog, gallery, simple catalog or full blown shopping cart. It's all possible, plus, we offer a lifetime on the code base of all projects that we build! Drop us a line to talk about your project now!

Ready for Rapid Expansion

  •  Blogs, News, News Flash
  •  Product, Property Catalogs
  •  eCommerce Shopping Carts
  •  Photo / Video Galleries
  •  Multi Level Categories
  •  Custom Forms
  •  Custom anything! Ask us

Geeks make the best Designers and Developers

We are a small studio filled with designers that dream about web, developers that obsess over code. We love our work and we are not satisfied unless you feel the same way. If you have an idea, we will help you realise it. Our goal is to make your life easier and your business more streamlined.
We specialise in all aspects of website design and development, from brochure style web sites and online stores, through to tailor made online software. We have also developed our own Content Management System (CMS), thus allowing us to provide a lifetime warranty on the projects that we deliver, and enabling our clients to easily manage their own web content.
We provide website design services, web development, Email Marketing, website hosting and domain management services, to a large list of clients based on the Mornington Peninsula, in Melbourne, the Eastern Suburbs, Frankston, Dandenong, Gippsland, the High Country, the South Coast of NSW and Sydney. We believe our work speaks for itself, so take a look at our Portfolio and see for yourself.

The Web Design and Development Process

Quoting and Asset Collation

Before you commit to a web project, we need to gain a clear understanding of the desired aims and objectives of the proposed website. To achieve this we first meet with you to discuss the project and establish a Site Map. The Site Map is simply a list of the required web pages or sections of content that will appear on the website. The information that we source from this initial meeting then enables us to provide you with an accurate Estimate of Costs.

Once you have approved the Estimate, we then provide you with detailed information explaining what items we require from you to complete your project, and the best method for supplying these items. These items are referred to as 'Assets', and include your written content, and any images that are required (note that in some instances we will source stock photography).

Once all the Assets have been supplied, we can then schedule your project and provide you with an accurate completion date. We then commence the first creative stage of the project.

Stage 1. Web Design (Graphic Design)

The Web Design stage commences with a meeting between all stakeholders to establish a design brief. From this brief, we then establish a set of 'Wire Frame' designs. These Wire Frames are simple line art drawings that demonstrate where the required elements will be positioned on screen.

These are submitted as proofs to you for approval or revision. These proofs are presented via an Online Proofing tool that we have developed. We present these online, rather than as PDF's, because PDF's are an unreliable format for presenting web proofs. This is because Acrobat Reader cannot be relied upon to consistently open a PDF document at precisely the correct pixel dimensions. While some operating systems will open a PDF at the correct size, most will open the PDF to 'fit screen', or at 125%, thus misrepresenting the actual size of the proposed Web Interface.

Once the Wire Frames have been approved, we then commence the Finished Art process, which involves establishing a set of designs that illustrate how the site will actually look. These designs are presented to you via the Online Proofing tool for revision or approval.

Please note that we provide designs for the required Interface Templates, not for every page of the Web Site. This is because with the exception of the home page, all the pages on the Web Site generally share the same template, so there is no need to supply designs for all pages. So on a standard Web Project, you can expect to receive template proofs for the Home Page layout, and the 'General Content' layout ('General Content' refers to regular content pages, such as 'About Us', 'Our Services' etc). Once these designs have been approved we then move onto the Development Stage.

Stage 2. Web Development (Programming)

The Web Development stage is the 'nuts and bolts' component of the project. It's where we convert the approved Web Designs into a functioning Web Site. It involves the writing and implementation of the code required to establish the front end Web Interface, the creation of a database to store your content, and the construction of a secure admin area to enable you to manage your own Web Site content (the admin area is commonly referred to as a CMS, which stands for 'Content Management System').

When this stage is complete, you will be presented with a live Web Framework to proof, it is essentially a working website, but without the content. We usually put 'dummy' content in for testing, as we simply require you to confirm that the Web Site is consistent with the designs that you have approved, and that all the buttons and other interactions are behaving as expected. Once approved, we then insert the content that you have supplied.

Please note that if design changes are requested after the Development Stage has commenced, the project will be suspended while we provide a cost estimate the required variations.

Stage 3. Content Insertion

This is where we take the written content and images that you have supplied, and load it into the web site. Please note that written content must be supplied in MS Word format, and that we insert the content as supplied. Additional charges may be incurred, if 'typos' or grammatical errors are found during proofing that require repair.

Once we have completed the Content Insertion stage, you are asked to proof the content, and we then begin preparing the site to Go Live.

Stage 4. Going Live

Once you have given us final approval to 'go live', we then transfer the site to the live server, update the sites configuration files to reflect the live environment, test the contact forms, and make the site live. We then complete Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tasks, submit the site to Google and Bing, and establish Google Analytics tracking. Google Analytics will then send you either monthly or weekly reports (you can specify the frequency) containing a breakdown of traffic to your web site.

We then confirm a time to provide you with On-site Training in the use of your CMS, and practical SEO management.

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